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MVM Group’s electricity network companies to increase security and flexibility by installing smart meters

Hungarian MVM Group’s two electricity distribution companies will procure and install a total of 89,103 smart meters by the end of February 2026. This initiative is part of the project Installation of Smart Meters in the Operational Areas of MVM’s Electricity Network Companies, funded by over 5 billion Hungarian forints (12.6 million euros) of European Union support. The project aims to promote the widespread adoption of smart metering and enhance the transparency of the network, enabling the integration of additional renewable energy into the electricity system.

In recent years, weather-dependent renewable electricity production has significantly increased in Hungary, primarily from photovoltaic or solar power plants. The rising number and capacity of grid-connected solar power plants necessitate simultaneous and coordinated development of other elements of the electricity value chain.

To improve efficiency, MVM Group’s electricity network experts are also working on digital and operational management developments. One potential tool for optimising electricity demand is the use of smart meters alongside the introduction of dynamically changing tariffs. This increases the flexibility and supply security of the distribution network, enabling the integration of additional renewable-based production units into the system. Smart meters can measure in both directions and communicate bi-directionally, providing quarter-hourly consumption and production data, and allowing remote control and switching of devices. Smart meters process and store measurement data, transmitting it to the billing system, the trader and the system operator, while providing online access to the data for users.

The project is implemented by MVM Démász Áramhálózati and MVM Émász Áramhálózati in consortium with the Digital Government Development and Project Management.

As MVM informed, by spring 2026, 47,480 smart meters will be installed in the service area of MVM Démász Áramhálózati and 41,623 in the service area of MVM Émász Áramhálózati, totaling 89,103 smart meters. These installations will meet local consumer demands and regulatory requirements, increasing the capacity for new solar power plants to be connected to the grid. “This effort supports Hungary’s Recovery and Resilience Plan’s pillars of green transition, digital transformation, smart sustainable and inclusive growth, and social and territorial cohesion,” said MVM.

The project’s results, including the new data collection and communication capabilities of smart meters and the related digital applications, will facilitate the digital transition in the electricity sector according to MVM. “These advancements will open new opportunities for distributors and users and encourage further development of smart energy systems. The expansion of smart metering will enhance the flexibility of the electricity network, allowing for greater integration of weather-dependent renewable energy sources over the long term,” said the company adding that the installation of the smart meters planned within the project will likely necessitate an expansion of the installer workforce, creating new jobs.

In 2022, MVM Group’s two electricity companies received 35 billion Hungarian forints (88.9 million euros) in non-refundable support from the European Union and the government’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, leading to 70 billion Hungarian forints (177.9 million euros) worth of network development. This included building, expanding, or reconstructing substations in eight municipalities, capacity-increasing investments, overhead line reconstructions and new line constructions to further improve and maintain supply security.

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