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Petrol and Fraport Slovenia open charging park at Ljubljana airport

Slovenian energy company Petrol Group announced on Friday (6 October) the opening of a new charging park with four e-charging stations at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, in partnership with the airport’s operator Fraport Slovenia.

Developed under the EU’s MULTI-E project, the new electric vehicle (EV) charging park is capable of simultaneously providing energy for eight EVs. It consists of three public AC (22 kW) charging stations with six charging points and a public ultra-fast charging station (150 kW per charging station) with two connections.

“At Petrol, we have been working for a long time to improve the user experience by expanding the charging infrastructure and thus further position ourselves as the most comprehensive provider of sustainable mobility in the region. So today we can boast that we manage 476 e-charging stations in our network, spread over the entire South-Eastern region, most of them in Slovenia and Croatia, but also in Serbia and Montenegro. We are planning further expansion. More than 40 e-chargers, from conventional to ultra-fast, have been installed as part of the MULTI-E project,” said Robert Surina, Executive Director of Energy Production, Energy Solutions and Mobility at Petrol.

The MULTI-E project, which began in May 2018, aims to electrify public transport in Koper (southwestern Slovenia) and Maribor (northeastern Slovenia), develop mobility services, and expand charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia.

“Our development of charging infrastructure relies on key partnerships, and one of these is the partnership with Fraport Slovenia, with which we built this charging park. In addition to the Ljubljana airport, within the framework of the MULTI-E project, we have so far installed charging stations together with our partners in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper. In accordance with the project and our strategy, as well as outside our borders, in Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik and Split. By the end of the project, we want to install more than 40 additional e-charging stations and thus follow our set vision – to become an integrated partner in the energy transition with an excellent user experience,” Mr Surina added.

The charging park was “built with the future in mind” as it is able to be further expanded, namely with three additional 22 kW charging stations and one ultra-fast charging station, which would provide energy for an additional eight electric vehicles, Petrol said in a press release.

“By enriching the range of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, the airport [Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport] responds to the growing trend of users of sustainable mobility. We are also upgrading our efforts towards decarbonisation of the airport, which is planned by 2045. In partnership with Petrol, we now offer our passengers a charging park for fast and convenient charging of electric vehicles with eight spaces, thus significantly upgrading the airport parking offer. The service will thus complete the excellent experience of passengers who choose a green form of transport to the airport,” said Urška Binter, Head of Commercial Services at Fraport Slovenia.

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