Thursday, February 25, 2021
Tags Energy Transition

Tag: Energy Transition

A world based on 100% renewable energy is possible by 2035

The world's leading researchers on the energy transformation have published a joint declaration finding that the shift towards a 100% renewables-based world is possible and could come much faster than the general expectation.

Ukraine’s unique place within the EU Green Deal lies on the potential of natural gas as a transitional fuel

Ukraine's natural gas has huge potential as a transition fuel on the path to a carbon-free energy. Moreover, the country has been identified as one of the EU partners for production and supply of hydrogen.

Making the 2020s the decade of distribution grids

Distribution grids are the backbone of the digital and energy transition. However, to be fit-for-purpose in an increasingly decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised power system, investments of 375-425 billion euros are needed by 2030.
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