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GEN-I completes largest solar power plant in North Macedonia

Slovenia’s energy group GEN-I completed the construction of the largest solar power plant in North Macedonia and connected it to the grid in September, four months ahead of the government’s deadline.

The power plant, with a total capacity of 17 megawatts (MW), will produce 25,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of green energy, which can supply more than 5,500 households.

The start of operation represents an important milestone for the expansion of GEN-I in the implementation of large solar power plant projects and the production of carbon-free electricity as well as a key contribution to the so-called Green Scenario of North Macedonia under the Strategy for Energy Development. The country is an important partner in the project’s implementation and a key strategic stakeholder in leasing degraded land for a 50-year lease.

“The new largest solar power plant to date, 17 MW, started its operation,” said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski. “With this investment, we are moving towards energy independence, strengthening the green economy and improving the standard of living. Today, when the world is facing an energy crisis, we provide clean energy obtained from our Macedonian sun, which will supply more than 5,500 Macedonian households. We have outlined the direction of the country in the future when we talk about energy production, the green industry and the economy we want to create. North Macedonia is a trusted partner that investors prefer because they see it as a partner with the best support and service. As a responsible government, we are fighting for every cent of new foreign investment in the country – step by step.”

“These days, the importance of investing in green energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels is more evident than ever,” added Igor Koprivnikar, the President of the Management Board of the GEN-I Group. “I am happy to say that GEN-I is also becoming an increasingly important player in this energy market segment, not only in Slovenia but also in the international market. North Macedonia has always been an important market for us, and with this investment, we are even more connected. It is also an important milestone for GEN-I, demonstrating our willingness to lead the green transformation and our ability to deliver large-scale renewable energy projects.

In 2019, the GEN-I Group won a 50-year lease of land and the right to build solar power plants with a total power of 17 MW in a degraded area in Amzabegov in the municipality of Sveti Nikole. Thus, in September, GEN-I completed the construction of a power plant comprising 31,772 solar panels on 300,000 square metres of surface area (30 football pitches).

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