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Romania’s Transgaz applies for non-priority projects under EU’s Modernisation Fund

Romanian gas transmission operator Transgaz has submitted applications for seven non-priority projects to receive non-reimbursable financing under the EU’s latest Modernisation Fund funding call (10 August).

In the application submitted to Romania’s Energy Ministry, the operator has asked for funding for a gas transmission pipeline to supply the Power plant Mintia (covering other industrial and household consumers) and a project aimed at increasing the transmission capacity of the national transmission system and security of natural gas supply of the Ișalnița Electrocentrale Branch (Dolj county) and the Turceni Electrocentrale Branch (Gorj county).

In addition, the remaining 5 projects concern the construction of new gas transmission pipelines across Romania, which include the following routes: Jupa – Băile Herculane – Orșova – Prunișor; Mihai Bravu – Siliștea and the transformation into a piggable pipeline; Tetila – Horezu – Râmnicu Vâlcea, Marea Neagră – Podișor and Ghercești – Jitaru.

“By submitting applications for non-reimbursable financing for investment projects, Transgaz demonstrates that no non-reimbursable financing instrument remains unused, the company being, thus, careful with its equity,” the operator said via a press release.

The total funding amount requested by Transgaz from the Modernisation Fund is around 554.3 million euros.

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