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PERN modernises filling stations to dosing biocomponents in northern Poland

Polish crude oil and fuels operator PERN announced on Wednesday (15 November) that it has adapted further filling stations for road tankers to dosing biocomponents at a fuel base in Dębogórze in northern Poland.

As a result, the operator’s customers will be able to more easily meet the National Indicative Target (NIT) regarding the share of bioadditives in fuels, PERN said in a press release. At the same time, the base increases the capacity for biocomponents. NIT is the minimum share of other renewable fuels and biocomponents contained in fuels used in all types of transport.

PERN plans to spend a total of six million zlotys (1.37 million euros) in this area. Dębogórze is PERN’s maritime fuel hub, thanks to which fuels are delivered to Poland by sea.

PERN has adapted two stations in Dębogórze where “clean” diesel oil was previously dispensed to dosing biocomponents. The road tanker loading process has now been fully automated thanks to the completed modernisation, PERN has said in the press release.

Upgrading ON dispensing lines with dosing units for esters is recommended due to the increasing level of NIT.

Investments are underway at the fuel base in Dębogórze, thanks to which the storage capacity for biocomponents is planned to be increased. As part of this investment, three new tanks with a capacity of 100 cubic metres each are planned to be built.

After completing the task, the storage capacity for esters in Dębogórze is expected to increase by 60 per cent. The new ester tanks are planned to be put into operation at the end of next year, PERN said. 

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