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Romania and Moldova to develop long-term energy cooperation

Romanian and Moldovan state-owned companies, Nuclearelectrica and Energocom, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop long-term cooperation in the energy sector (18 July).

The Memorandum aims to explore options for the supply of energy from Nuclearelectrica’s units 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, once constructed. Additionally, both sides will aim to support the development of capacities and competencies in nuclear energy.

“We are heading in the right direction, and the governmental team from the Republic of Moldova is performing excellently. In my previous role as Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalisation, I also prioritised the relationship with the Republic of Moldova. We achieved several milestones, such as establishing a unique digital space between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. In this partnership, Romania stands to benefit more because Moldova is far ahead of us in terms of digital transformation, as seen in the tripartite agreements between the two governments and major IT companies like Amazon, Microsoft and so on,” said Sebastian Burduja, Romania’s Minister of Energy.

“I am delighted now to offer more to the Republic of Moldova, as Romania is a regional leader in the energy sector and must remain so. While Russia has chosen to use energy as a weapon in the war against Ukraine and in a broader hybrid war, Romania can respond as a stabilising factor for our region. Assisting our brothers in Moldova is undoubtedly a top priority,” the Romanian Energy Minister added.

Victor Parlicov, Moldova’s Ministry of Energy, said that nuclear energy is key for his country to meet its decarbonisation targets. “The Republic of Moldova lacks the capacity to develop its own nuclear generation projects, but it can benefit from its special relationship with Romania, considering Romania’s intentions to increase nuclear energy production. In this context, we are exploring the possibility for the Republic of Moldova to participate as a co-investor, ensuring safe, sustainable, and competitive energy for the future,” he added.

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