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GIE’s new map and database of large-scale LNG facilities: towards 3,000 TWh/year of imported energy

The association of the gas infrastructure operators of Europe (GIE) has published its new 2022 map and database of the large-scale LNG facilities. Indeed, diversifying roads and sources of supply is essential now more than ever and LNG terminals have a vital role to play.

According to GIE, they could enable Europe to import 3,000 terawatt-hours (TWh) of liquified energy. Not only does LNG offer solutions to diversify the sources and routes of supply (for example, accommodating BioLNG with almost no additional investments). Besides, it enables the EU to access gas resources at a global level and thus reduces the dependence on a limited number of suppliers.

“LNG terminals play an essential role in firming up the security of gas supply to Europe: they offer access to the global gas market, hence offering options to widely diversify the sources and routes of supply,” said Arno Büx, GLE President. “By 2030, they can provide imports of over 3,000 TWh per year, as such covering the estimated EU gas imports demand. To make these volumes available to all members states, gas infrastructure operators will enhance market interconnections, storage use, grid interoperability and route flexibility.” 

Currently, in the EU there are 21 operational large-scale terminals, including onshore and offshore and the importing capacity is of approximately 1,920 TWh per year with an additional 200 TWh per year under construction. The 16 onshore large-scale terminals cover most of the import capacity while the 5 Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) and other offshore types stand for the rest.

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