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ADNOC delivers Middle East’s first LNG shipment to Germany

The first-ever LNG cargo was shipped to Germany from the Middle East as the LNG shipment of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) arrived at the Elbehafen floating LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel, Germany. The shipment marks an important milestone in Germany’s efforts of setting up a more diversified gas supply.

ADNOC delivered 137,000 cubic metres of LNG from Das Island, Abu Dhabi, to Brunsbuettel, which corresponds to more than 82 million cubic metres (mcm) of regasified natural gas and to approximately 900 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy.

The LNG will be regasified and fed into the German gas grid via the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) ‘Hoegh Gannet,’ which was chartered by RWE on behalf of the German government. The LNG is to be fed into the grid from the end of February as part of the commissioning phase of the FSRU, which is currently underway.

RWE and ADNOC signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last year on several years of LNG supplies to be delivered to Germany from 2023. LNG supplies from ADNOC can be delivered to Germany through either floating or land-based regasification terminals as these become operational.

“After the arrival of the floating terminal in mid-January, the first LNG delivery from Abu Dhabi is the next important step,” said Andree Stracke, CEO of RWE Supply & Trading adding that the development of the LNG supply infrastructure in Germany continues to make rapid progress. “RWE provides support wherever we are needed. I am pleased that we have ADNOC as a strong partner at our side and that we are working together to make Germany’s energy supply as secure as possible,” he underlined.

“The successful delivery of the Middle East’s first LNG cargo to Germany demonstrates how the UAE is continuing to work closely with our strategic partners in responsibly providing secure, sustainable, and affordable energy supplies,” said Ahmed Alebri, Acting CEO of ADNOC Gas. “The global demand for energy is increasing and as we build on the strong economic, energy security and climate action ties between our two nations, ADNOC Gas stands ready to provide further shipments of this key transition fuel to our partner, RWE and German industry.”

As for the future of the Brunsbuettel site, RWE plans to build an import terminal for green ammonia in the immediate vicinity, which – as a liquefied hydrogen derivative – can supply Germany with green hydrogen.

From 2026, around 300,000 tonnes of green ammonia will be imported and distributed to customers annually via this terminal according to RWE. German LNG Terminal GmbH plans to build and operate a multi-functional LNG terminal close by.

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