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First semi-deep geothermal pilot project begins operations in Estonia

The first semi-deep geothermal pilot project developed by Estonia’s Geological Survey has officially started operations in the Tiskre sub-district in Tallinn, Estonia.

The country’s Climate Minister Kristen Michal recalled that Estonia ranked 7th in the latest report by the World Energy Council when it comes to the development of sustainable energy.

“For the sake of a clean future, we must look for and test new environmentally friendly solutions and neighbouring countries can set a good example,” he said, referring for example to the geothermal energy system used by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland or Stockholm Arlanda Airport, where the world’s largest aquifer storage unit is used for cooling and heating.

The Minister added that these projects can help Estonia move closer to its 2030 energy goals and this geothermal pilot project could provide invaluable information and experience to replicate it and apply it more widely for the district heating sector.

As explained to Sirli Sipp Kulli, director of the Estonian Geological Survey, the project is part of the GEOENEST initiative, jointly developed with the Ministry of Climate to assess the potential of geothermal energy as a source for district heating solutions through several pilot projects.

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