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Poland: regional power grid investments take shape

The Polish power company, Enea Operator, is conducting network investments in Poznan as part of a comprehensive modernisation program of the medium and low voltage power grid in the area. The program, named #Poznań2030, aims to improve the reliability of the power grid. In recent months, the company has launched a newly built, two-system, Garaszewo (110 kilovolts, kV) grid switching station and two rebuilt power lines in the eastern part of the city, improving the energy security of the Poznań agglomeration.

As part of the program, which has been running for almost 3 years, Enea Operator has carried out over a dozen investments with a significant impact on improving the functioning of the network in the city, including the Old Town.

Thus far, the most significant undertaking has been the installation of the FDIR module (Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration), located in the centre of Poznań. This was a key element of the automation of smart medium voltage grids. As part of the project, Enea Operator has modernised 28 medium voltage stations to low (MV/LV) and equipped them with full tele-mechanics. Three Main Supply Points (GPZ) have also been modernised: Krauthofer, Bem and Pogodno.

“The area of ​​the centre of Poznań has been selected due to the large number of recipients supplied from these power lines. The intelligent network works today, among others in Grunwald, Jeżyce, Wilda or the Old Town. Thanks to the use of this innovative solution, the detection of failures and short circuits in the power grid is automatic and the damaged sections are insulated”, said Agnieszka Gosławska, Director of the Department of Development and Investments at the Poznań branch of Enea Operator.

The system improves the work of dispatchers and technical services, and most importantly, enables quick restoration of energy supplies to customers in just a few minutes.

As part of the #Poznań2030 program, many other network investments have also been carried out, which are progressively shaping modern infrastructure in the city. Enea Operator has modernised, among others, the medium voltage switchgear at the Cytadela Main Supply Point (GPZ), rebuilt the Poznań-Główna GPZ station and provided a new power supply to 6 stations located in the vicinity of Wspólna and Bałtycka Streets. Another completed project is an MV cable line (15 kV) from the Czartoria network switching station in the direction of the Garbary Main Supply Point, which is scheduled to be restored. In addition, cables along Wierzbięcice Street were replaced, with the works being carried out in parallel with the renovation planned by the city.

The latest project is the newly built, two-system Garaszewo (110 kV) network switching station and two reconstructed 110 kV lines. Whilst the construction of a station called Towarowa is nearing its end. Wolnych Torów in Poznań, where a new, multi-functional district of the city is also scheduled to be built.

Enea Operator, in Poznań and the neighbouring municipalities, systematically carries out investments in the power grid. The #Poznań2030 program serves as a long-term strategy to improve the efficiency and reliability of the network. As stated in the press release, the modernisation and expansion of power equipment meet the needs of residents and investors.

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