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ORLEN completes Main Power Supply Point at Płock Heat and Power Plant

Polish energy company ORLEN Group announced on Thursday (12 October) that it has completed the construction of a Main Power Supply Point (GPZ-3) at the Płock Heat and Power Plant in north central Poland.

The newly constructed power supply point is expected to increase the electrical security of production installations and enable the distribution of power necessary for the expansion of the Płock plant, including the infrastructure implemented under the company’s Petrochemical Development Programme. As part of the project, a total of 15 kilometres (km) of new cable routes with a voltage of 110 kilowatt (kV) were built.

“We are successfully implementing strategic investments that will enable us to further develop and strengthen our foundations for the future. Their scale is record-breaking. This year alone, the ORLEN Group’s capital expenditure will reach as much as PLN 36 billion. We allocate them, among other things, to expand the Production Plant in Płock, effectively using its potential. On its premises, we have built one of the largest Main Power Supply Points GPZ-3 in Poland, which will secure electricity for the needs of all new and emerging installations,” said Armen Artwich, Member of the ORLEN Management Board for Corporate Affairs.

The main power supply point GPZ-3 was built by a consortium of companies led by Energa Invest, acquired by ORLEN Projekt in August this year.

“The implementation of the investment in GPZ-3, which is crucial for the energy security of the Production Plant in Płock, is confirmation that we have successfully integrated the project companies, fully using their competencies and experience. We have built a team of experts qualified in designing modern investments, whose work quality is at the highest level,” said Marcin Kasza, President of the Management Board of ORLEN Projekt.

As part of the project, a 24-bay 110 kV GPZ-3 switchgear was built, with four additional bays reserved for construction. Additionally, a 30 kV GPZ-3 switchgear was installed, covering 28 bays with two more reserved. An internal electricity distribution system was also established, connecting the gas and steam unit with the new GPZ3, including two 75 MVA transformers with phase shifters to balance power for the Petrochemical Development Programme.

The 110 kV to 30 kV connections utilise 110 kV cable lines and four 75 MVA 110/30 kV transformers. The investment also included over 5 km of 30 kV busbars and about 0.6 km of 20 kV busbars, with a total of approximately 15 km of new 110 kV cable routes.

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