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North Macedonia to start selection of new universal electricity supplier

The North Macedonian government adopted a decision on Tuesday (17 October) to initiate the procedure for the selection of a new universal electricity supplier.

“The selection of the universal supplier is in accordance with the Energy Law, to realise the right of households and small consumers connected to the universal service electricity supply system,” the government said in a press release. 

The universal supplier would provide electricity supply to households and small consumers located in an area where there is an obligation to ensure universal service and those who have chosen to be supplied by it.

The universal supplier, according to the law, will be obliged to ensure service for no more than five years. Austrian power company EVN is the current universal supplier, fulfilling its five-year contract.

Tender documentation and a public call are set to be prepared, however, the government has not provided details on when both documents are to be announced at this time.

In 2018, the government adopted a new energy law to align the legal framework for electricity with the EU acquis.

The electricity market was fully liberalised in 2019, even with the right to regulated prices for households and small consumers provided by a universal supplier, according to research company Enerdata.

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