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Jakub Miler is the new CEO of Eleport

Eleport, a leading electric vehicle charging points operator in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), announced the appointment of Jakub Miler as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Raul Potisepp, the founder and current CEO of Eleport, remains on the board and will assume the role of Chief Growth Officer at the company.

Eleport Group operates over 800 charging points in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at the moment. By the end of this year, Eleport plans to reach 1,350 operational charging points. With the addition of Jakub Miler as the CEO Eleport plans to accelerate its growth in new CEE markets.

Jakub Miler brings over 15 years of international leadership experience to Eleport’s team. Over this period, he held numerous executive-level positions that involved leading operations and expansion across multiple countries, as well as investing and supporting sustainable energy companies and executing growth and funding strategies.

“Sustainable energy presents an exceptional business opportunity due to its rapidly evolving landscape, offering small enterprises the potential to grow exponentially in a short period of time. But beyond its economic potential, it offers us a profound sense of purpose by positively impacting both people and the planet,” said Jakub Miler.

Considering the existing network efficiency and the current pipeline of new projects, the company anticipates a remarkable year-on-year revenue increase of around 300 per cent in 2024, reflecting a significant growth trajectory.

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