Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Florin Frunza appointed new CEO of MET Romania

Florin Frunza has been appointed as the new CEO of the Romanian subsidiary of the Swiss-based energy company MET Group, taking over the tasks from Petre Stroe.

Mr Frunza joins MET from OMV Petrom. He has been working for OMV Petrom since 2007 and was appointed to CEO of OMV Petrom Gas in 2015. Since 2019 in parallel with his CEO duties he has been acting as Vice President Business Development Downstream Gas as well. He has extensive experience in natural gas, power and renewable energy services.

MET intends to continue its strategy in Romania to expand its end-user sales positions and increase the number of customers both in gas and power. Additionally, in line with MET Group’s regional growth aspirations, asset investment opportunities are analysed to create synergies with the end-user sales positions and with other Group activities.

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