Welcome note

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to CEENERGYNEWS, your gateway to Central and Eastern European energy markets.

CEENERGYNEWS is the only energy dedicated portal that aims to deliver up-to-date news and analysis across the energy agenda in 20+ countries in CEE. It fills a niche in the market as we gather industry-specific, focused information limited to the hot topics of the energy sector with relevance to the CEE market. All in one place! 

In this difficult situation, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, energy matters more than ever. Our team, like most people, is working from home. We are putting a greater effort in our daily job, to achieve the highest results. That wouldn’t be possible without electricity to power our laptops. This lockdown wouldn’t be bearable for many people, without gas to warm their houses. 

While the world seems to have stopped, our planet hasn’t. In this part of the world, spring is coming and our days are getting longer. When all of this will be over, we cannot forget that we have a planet to take care of. This pandemic is opening our eyes before the Earth’s wonders: clean air, pure water, free wildlife. But these effects will be only temporary if we don’t act now. 

At CEENERGYNEWS we are committed to reporting about all energy’s aspects because even now they are all making a difference. A price war over oil has erupted between Russia and Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producers, with impacts worldwide. Natural gas exploitations are continuing, as gas can still play an important role as a bridge fuel towards a renewable future. The European Union hasn’t stopped to care about the climate and the environment, passing laws to ensure we all keep reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Now, you can follow the latest industry trends, the key factors shaping the CEE markets, the EU regulations affecting the industry and join an exclusive network of experts, stakeholders, decision-makers and opinion leaders who form the future of energy in the region. 

I have personally been always interested in the energy industry, the true fuel of the world, if I may use the term. And there is no better time for you to join me and CEENERGYNEWS. While doing our best to share news about the region, I also welcome your tips and suggestions, so that we can build a better information together.

Claudia Patricolo, editor-in-chief