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Top 5 stories of the week: 9 – 15 June

1. NECP deadline approaches: a hit or miss for the region?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine and the EU’s shift in its energy policy arsenal, EU Member States are set to update their National Energy and Climate Policies (NECP) to accommodate EU legislative changes. This week, we began looking at Czechia’s current climate and energy targets, progress in meeting those targets and what we might expect in the updated document. Read the full story here.

2. OMV Petrom makes a major discovery

The biggest integrated energy company in Southeast Europe, OMV Petrom announced the discovery of new crude oil and natural gas resources in the Oltenia and Muntenia regions of southern Romania. Combined, the discovered deposits hold over 30 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) of recoverable resources, which translates to around three-quarters of OMV Petrom’s 2022 production. Read the full story here.

3. Poland, Ukraine – can they lead the way in Europe’s green transition?

In a two-part series, we analysed the renewable gases sectors in Poland and Ukraine. Following our first story on green hydrogen, this week, we turned our attention to the bioenergy sectors – looking into both countries’ potential, competitiveness, existing infrastructure and bottlenecks in leading Europe’s biogas and biomethane production. Read the full story here.

4. Hungary marks a historic day for its renewables sector

A new solar power plant was unveiled in Mezőcsát, Hungary. This marks the country’s biggest solar farm to date, accounting for eight per cent of the total domestic solar-generated electricity. The farm consists of 466,000 solar panels which can produce 372 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity annually. Read the full story here.

5. Celebrating Global Wind Day

Yesterday, the energy world celebrated the annual Global Wind Day. On this occasion, we looked at a joint statement by Wind Europe and other regional industry associations and think tanks on the recent regulatory changes for wind energy development in Central Europe, which, according to them, look “promising.” Read the full story here.

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