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Top 5 stories of the week: 6 – 12 October

 1. Poland decides its climate and energy vision

On Sunday, Poland elects its next government. We have been closely following the Polish parliamentary elections, looking into the role of energy and climate policies in the ongoing campaign and what we might expect from policymakers after 15 October. Read the full story here. 

2. EU notes common gas purchase record

Following the first two “successful” tenders, EU Commission’s Executive Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič presented last week the third tender for the common purchase of gas, bringing a record in aggregated demand: 16,49 billion cubic metres, based on requests submitted by 39 European companies. Read the full story here. 

3. Hydrogen development meets market fragmentation

This week, our Editor-in-Chief Claudia Patricolo took a closer look at the shape of the development of the hydrogen market: with the full implementation of the regulations already in place, how they will be translated into national policies, the development of the infrastructure and the connection into the grid? Read the full story here. 

4. Update on the Balticconnector pipeline

Following a major incident on the Balticconnector gas pipeline, Estonian and Finnish transmission system operators (TSOs), Elering and Gasgrid, reassured the public on Sunday that the supply of gas in the region is secure and stable. Read the full story here. 

5. ORLEN reaches final investment decision on Baltic Power

Starting and finishing this week’s list with Poland, ORLEN reached a Final Investment Decision on Wednesday to build Baltic Power, the country’s first offshore wind farm estimated to provide electricity to around 1.5 million households. On Monday, ORLEN’s LOTOS Petrobaltic also signed an agreement on the construction of three units for the transfer of employees to ​​the planned offshore wind farms. Read the full story here. 

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