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Top 5 stories of the week: 21 – 27 April

Approaching the end of another news-packed week, we have the top 5 energy stories ready for the long May Day weekend!

Slovakia looks towards Italy for diversification of supplies

Slovakia’s largest energy supplier, SPP has signed a new deal with leading energy companies in Italy to strengthen commercial cooperation in the gas and LNG sector. Under the new deal, the Italian Eni will work with SPP on developing initiatives in the areas of trading and management of regasification and transportation capacities. Read the full story here.

Bulgaria accelerates nuclear diversification with new Western partners

Looking further into the region’s energy diversification efforts, this time focusing on nuclear energy – Bulgaria’s sole Kozloduy nuclear power plant will welcome the US Westinghouse, Canadian Cameco and the European Urenco in its new supply chain. This comes as a result of a new agreement, which will see Urenco’s enrichment facilities in Europe receive natural uranium from Cameco and supply enriched uranium products for fabrication into nuclear fuel rods by Westinghouse. Read the full story here.

Regional actors continue to push for Azeri gas access

Moving back to regional gas diversification, senior ministers from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia, together with the energy minister of Azerbaijan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Sofia to encourage cooperation among the relevant gas transmission system operators in their efforts to facilitate additional gas supplies from Azerbaijan. Read the full story here.

Estonia sets up the world’s first ever country-wide Hydrogen Valley

Staying on the theme of energy diversification, Estonia seems to have taken a big step in positioning the development of a hydrogen economy at the top of its diversification strategy. A diverse set of Estonian stakeholders – Alexela, Eesti Energia, the Port of Tallinn, the University of Tartu and the Estonian Hydrogen Association – have inked a deal to establish ‘Hydrogen Valley Estonia’ and officially establish the world’s first nationwide Hydrogen Valley. Read the full story here.

Budapest ready to host its first-ever geothermal summit

As regional diversification leads this week’s news agenda, it would be hard to leave geothermal energy out of the discussions. With that in mind, the first-ever Budapest Geothermal Energy Summit will bring together stakeholders and industry experts on 5 June at the Marriott Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian Minister of Energy, Csaba Lantos is scheduled to kick off the inaugural Summit, who will present his government’s policies and strategic objectives for the development of geothermal capacities. Read the full story here.

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