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Top 5 stories of the week: 14 – 20 April

As we approach the end of the week, we have the top 5 energy stories ready for your weekend reading list!

Unpacking Hungary’s energy policy under new leadership

In December 2022, the Hungarian government announced a new Ministry of Energy under the leadership of Csaba Lantos. Looking to get insights into Hungary’s new energy leadership, we spoke with Minister Lantos about his Ministry’s challenges, the role of gas and renewables in the future energy mix and the potential of geothermal energy as a contributor to the country’s energy sovereignty. Read the full story here.

Orlen makes another step towards building Poland’s nuclear energy

Poland continues to be a hotspot for nuclear energy development. On Monday, Orlen preliminarily selected seven sites for the construction of the first fleet of Small Modular Reactors in the country. The selected sites will now be further assessed with geological surveys. Read the full story here.

The role of LNG in transport decarbonisation

Decarbonising the freight transport sector, which represents 9 per cent of global CO2 emissions, poses a challenge for many policymakers across Europe. Exploring possible solutions, we spoke with Thomas de Boer, Vice President at Shell Commercial Road Transport about the main challenges in decarbonising this sector, the role of LNG and bio-LNG in reducing emissions of heavy-duty trucks and the needed long-term policies to support innovative low-carbon transport solutions. Read the full story here.

EU joint purchasing platform ready to make its first call

Just 12 months removed from its official launch on 7 April 2022, the EU’s Energy Platform for joint gas procurement announced that it will launch the first call for placing a demand to buy natural gas via its AggregateEU service at the end of this month. Indeed, this marks an important milestone in the integration of the EU’s energy policy. Read the full story here.

Can Europe’s gas infrastructure reduce the dependence on Russian supply?

ENTSOG published its Summer Supply Outlook 2023 and the accompanying Review of Summer Supply 2022. The review showed that in the cases of minimised Russian gas imports and of a full Russian pipeline supply disruption, reaching 90 per cent storage filling level by end of summer is possible in both cases, enabled by efficient cooperation between the countries. Read the full story here.

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