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Top 5 stories of the week: 10 – 16 November

1. Insights into Krk’s Green Energy Park

In September, the Green Energy Park, a deepwater seaport and terminal infrastructure for renewable ammonia import, was officially launched on the Croatian island of Krk. This week, we spoke with its CEO Bart Biebuyck about the potential applications of green ammonia and hydrogen and the advantages and benefits for Central and Eastern Europe. Read the full story here.

2. Update on Poland’s new energy and climate policies

On Friday, Poland’s main three opposition parties that are expected to form the country’s next government signed a coalition deal – setting out their vision for the climate and energy policies. On Tuesday, we took a closer into the agreement and its implications for the country’s energy transition. Read the full story here. 

3. New EU regulations for the oil&gas industry

On Wednesday, the European Council and the European Parliament reached a “provisional political agreement” on tracking and reducing methane emissions in the energy sector. The proposed regulation would oblige the oil, gas and coal sectors to measure, report and verify methane emissions, as well as put in place mitigation measures to avoid such emissions. Read the full story here. 

4. Day-Ahead Electricity Market Coupling in southeastern Poland to be established

On Tuesday, heads of regulatory authorities, transmission system operators and power exchanges from Kosovo, Albania, Greece and North Macedonia signed an MoU for Day-Ahead Electricity Market Coupling in southeastern Europe. The signatories have pledged to work together in strengthening the security of electricity supply for all participating countries and utilising cross-border transmission and generation capacities. Read the full story here.

5. Gdansk FSRU has found its supplier?

Ending this week’s top 5 with a major development in the LNG world, GAZ-SYSTEM concluded a term-sheet agreement on Tuesday with two shipowners for the delivery and use of the planned FSRU terminal in Gdańsk. A tender process is still underway to select a single supplier from the two pre-selected in the second stage of the process, with which a charter agreement is planned to be signed. Read the full story here.

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