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Ukrainian gas operator holds first market consultations with potential contractors

The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) announced last Tuesday (15 November) that it has held market consultations for companies wishing to participate in tendering procedures for diagnostic assessment of the state of pipelines’ anti-corrosion protection, in line with the company’s new procurement policy.

Twelve Ukrainian companies took part in an online meeting with potential suppliers, with GTSOU specialists providing comprehensive answers to technical questions on the specifics of the diagnostic assessment and the certification of executors.

Potential contractors had no concerns in terms of barriers to participating in the tender, GTSOU said in a press release.

“Market consultations are a new approach that we have introduced in the Operator’s procurement policy. We are adjusting the control system so as to ensure that there are no discriminatory requirements for tenderers. We confirm it by organising open market consultations, which we will hold systematically,” said Borys Liubych, Procurement Director at GTSOU.

The next round of market consultations at GTSOU will be held in November with regard to the procurement of services for “repairs of gas pumping units” and “repairs of centrifugal superchargers,” GTSOU said in the press release.

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