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Ukraine finalises heating season preparations

Main Gas Pipeline Linear Production Divisions (MPLPDs) as well as Operational and Repair Divisions (ORDs) in Ukraine have received preparedness certificates for operation during the autumn-winter period of 2023/2024, the country’s gas transmission operator (GTSOU) announced on Thursday (19 October).

“Ukraine’s gas transmission system is ready for operation during the heating season of 2023/2024. 100 per cent of repairs of linear parts of pipelines, as well as of compressor and gas distribution stations have been finalised. We analysed the results of the previous heating season, simulated possible crisis situations and took all of that into account during the preparations for the second wartime winter,” said Yuriy Zyabchenko, GTSOU’s Chief Engineer.

The operator has also scheduled a set of preventive maintenance works, however, no specific dates have been announced at this moment.

Since April, 858.3 kilometres of the pipelines’ in-line space have been cleaned with 188 gas distribution stations reconstructed and repaired. Similarly, 978 automatic control and signalling systems at gas distribution stations have also been reconstructed and repaired, GTSOU said in a press release.

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