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Ukraine Energy Support Fund: European Commission donates 5 mln euros to Ukrenergo

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund will receive a financial donation of five million euros from the European Commission to aid Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian electricity transmission system operator, in dealing with the impact of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Energy Community announced on 13 January 2023.

According to a press release by the Energy Community Secretariat, Ukrenergo will receive the needed equipment to make emergency repairs to the electricity infrastructure damaged by the Russian bombings and ensure the stable functioning of the power system. The grant agreement between the European Commission and the Energy Community Secretariat was signed on 4 January.

“The EU has been standing by Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion,” EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson said. “The energy sector is one of the areas where our support is badly needed and the fund we have established with the Energy Community is one important channel for that targeted help. It will be used to purchase transformers and items needed to repair the damaged infrastructure to keep the lights on and the energy system running in Ukraine.”

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was set up by the Energy Community Secretariat in April 2022 as a platform for governments and international financial institutions to provide emergency financial support to Ukraine’s energy sector.

“As Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure continue, the European Commission has provided financial support to help repair and restore the country’s civilian power infrastructure,” Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Artur Lorkowski said. “The equipment will be delivered as quickly as possible to help Ukrainians persevere through the winter.”

Separately, earlier last week Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy also approved support requests from 30 energy companies under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund for the procurement of essential energy equipment at an estimated value of over 107 million euros.

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