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Polish parliament approves financial support amid energy crisis

The Polish Sejm adopted a new legislation that will provide one-off payments to households and sensitive public institutions, which will compensate energy users for the rising prices. The Polish government put forward a draft act in August, to protect households in face of the looming energy crisis.

The legislation, which was passed on 2 September will ensure that prices for households and public institutions will not go above 150,95 złoty (approximately 3.1 euros) per gigajoule (GJ) for heat generated from natural gas or heating oil and 103,82 złoty/GJ (2.1 euros/GJ) for heat generated from other energy sources.

The support program will include an allowance of 3,000 złoty (630 euros) for households with solid fuel boilers powered by wood pellets or other types of biomass as the central heat source.

Households with a solid fuel boiler, freestanding wood stove, air heater, kitchen shaft, stove or tiled stove for solid fuel, powered by lump wood can receive 1,000 złoty (210 euros). Those who use gas boilers powered by liquified LPG gas as the central heat source are entitled to 500 złoty (100 euros), while households with oil boilers as the central heat source can receive up to 2,000 złoty (420 euros).

The allowance is subject to confirmation of the declared heat source by Poland’s Central Emission Register of Buildings.

In terms of sensitive public institutions (without access to a gas or heating network), a one-off payment will be made for a selected heat source. The support will be granted to those institutions that rely on hard coal, briquette or pellets containing at least 85 per cent hard coal, wood pellets and other types of biomass, liquified LPG and heating oil, used for heating purposes relevant to the institutions’ statutory activity. This includes hospitals, medical centres, institutions responsible for social support, night shelters, schools, nurseries and cultural institutions.

The allowance will amount to 40 per cent of the increase in costs related to heat supply. Overall, 23,000 institutions will benefit from this financial package, with an overall cost of 1.2 billion złoty (250 million euros). Similarly to households, this financial support is subject to a confirmation of a selected heat source by the institution by the Central Emission Register of Buildings.

The support program will run from October 2022 until April 2022. The legislation will now make its way to the Senat, Poland’s upper legislative house, and is expected to be implemented rapidly.

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