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Ukraine’s nuclear power plants continue to work steadily

The operator of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants (NPP) Energoatom has informed that all units continue to work steadily.

“The current power of all Ukrainian NPPs provides the necessary amounts of electricity production for the needs of the country,” read the company’s statement, adding that the level of radiation has not changed and remains within limits.

Despite the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant has been taken by the Russian army, all 6 units are controlled by Ukrainian personnel and, formally there is no interference in the work of the units.

At the same time, National Power Company Ukrenergo has informed that the power line that supplies the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the town of Slavutych was damaged by the occupying forces after the Ukrenergo repair crew restored the line.
Ukrenergo emphasises that the NPP is an important facility that cannot be left without a reliable energy supply. The power supply of Slavutych residents also depends on the power lines of the nuclear power plant. Unimpeded and quick access of Ukrenergo repair crews to these lines for inspections and repairs is extremely important not only for Ukrainian consumers but also for Europe as a whole.

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