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European Parliament: Europe can no longer rely on Kremlin gas

Addressing the extraordinary Plenary Session of the European Parliament on Russian aggression against Ukraine, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola defined the current situation as “an existential el threat to the Europe we know.”

After recalling the unprecedented and massive sanctions already adopted, together with the EU’s international allies, against Russia, she set out four important principles for the future of the European Union.

Among those, Mrs Metsola mentioned that Europe can no longer remain reliant on Kremlin gas.

“We need to re-double our efforts to diversify our energy systems towards a Europe that is no longer at the behest of autocrats. This will put our energy security on stronger footing,” she said.

Indeed, Russian pipeline supplies covered 41 per cent (13 billion cubic metres, bcm) of extra-EU net gas imports in the third quarter of 2021. And, the EU is in growing need of gas, as shown by the European Commission’s Quarterly report on European gas markets. Several countries, including the United States, are already stepping up their exports of LNG to the EU. However, the bloc must diversify its energy system even more.

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