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Energy Community Secretariat monitors situation in the event of any supply disruption

The Energy Community Secretariat said to be gravely concerned about the situation in Ukraine, with a press statement released on 22 February, a day before Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to attack the country.

In particular, the Secretariat is closely monitoring the energy markets and the security of supply situation in Ukraine and the Energy Community region. In the event of any supply disruption, it will activate the Energy Community Security of Supply Coordination Group.

According to the Secretariat the diversification of gas supplies of its Contracting Parties, including through reverse gas flows, is of great importance and opening additional supply routes must remain in the Energy Community’s focus.

“Ukraine also continues to be a key partner of both the EU and the Energy Community members in enabling and maintaining the security of gas supply,” reads the press statement by Director Artur Lorkowski. “Unlike some other operators in the Energy Community, its transmission system operator is actually certified in line with European law. Its role as a strategic gas transit country is as important as ever.”

Moreover, the Secretariat is continuing to support the process of energy market integration and synchronisation of the electricity networks of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova with the Continental European Network, contributing to the energy security and resilience of Ukraine.    

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