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Ukraine’s GTSO supports the development of green transport

The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) has welcomed the Parliament’s decision to support draft laws to stimulate the development of green transport in Ukraine, in particular the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transitional fuel.

Today compressed natural gas is the most affordable and efficient fuel for Ukrainian transport, as it produces 80 per cent less harmful emissions during combustion and provides 40-50 per cent savings compared to petroleum products. In addition, CNG is also a transitional fuel, which may be gradually replaced by biogas in the future.

“This is an opportunity not only to significantly improve the urban environment but also to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security to reduce dependence on imported and not environmentally friendly fuels from Belarus-Russia, such as gasoline or diesel,” said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of the GTSOU. “Expanding the network of CNG stations does not require significant investments – we already do have all the infrastructure.”

Currently, there are over 300 CNG filling stations in Ukraine. If the demand for the compressed gas grows rapidly, this amount will not be sufficient. However, Ukraine’s ramified gas transmission system allows us to expand the network of refuelling stations which can be created in any city or along important highways.

Other than reducing harmful emissions and saving in costs, using CNG as a motor fuel has further benefits like the stimulation of renewable energy development and biogas production.

“Europe moves to more eco-friendly fuels for transportation in order to meet the goals of the Green Deal strategy,” added Mr  Makogon. “According to the EU Directive on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure, European countries have to ensure the availability of electric, methane and hydrogen filling stations within 150 kilometres radius. In other words, the strategy of energy transition in the transport sector is enshrined at the legislative level.”

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