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Slovakian InoBat signs DoI with Spain for new EV battery plant

The Slovakian premium EV battery R&D, engineering, production and recycling company, InoBat Auto, has announced that it has signed protocols and declarations of intent with the Spanish authorities for the construction of a new production facility in Valladolid, Spain.

While the declaration of intent is not a finalised agreement and other locations remain under consideration, Valladolid’s wealth of talent, access to renewable energy, proximity to other OEMs and strong transport links make it a very attractive location for InoBat’s next facility.

The signing of protocols and declarations of intent with Valladolid City Council, Junta de Castilla y León and the Ministry of Industry will ensure that, if Spain is selected, InoBat will have the necessary permits and governmental support to progress the project at pace.

“I am incredibly grateful to the Spanish authorities, both at the regional and national levels, for their support for InoBat’s next stage of growth. Valladolid is an ideal prospective location for our next facility – it is the beating heart of Spain’s automotive and engineering sectors and has extremely competitive access to suppliers, customers and, most importantly, EV talent,” said Marian Boček, InoBat Auto Chief Executive Officer. “People will always be our most important asset and proximity to Europe’s leading engineers, chemists and technologists will be key in deciding the location of our next site. I’m incredibly pleased with how far InoBat has progressed in three short years and our next site will be a significant milestone in our development as we continue on our exciting journey towards a net zero future.”

According to the press release, this development presents a significant opportunity for InoBat’s expansion and a key next step in the company’s plans to create a network of EV battery production plants across the globe. When the decision on InoBat’s gigafactory location in Western Europe is finalised, this facility will complement InoBat’s current plant in Voderady, Slovakia and the recently announced site in Indiana, US. All these locations, both confirmed and under consideration, are attractive due to key characteristics such as their access to renewable energy, future customers and skilled labour.

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