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Slovakia pivots to e-mobility era with new Action Plan and €50 mil investments into EV charging infrastructure

Slovak municipalities, companies, and expressway locations will all be eligible for financing of public electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure under a new set of EV charging infrastructure grants to be launched by Slovakia, informed the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA).

These investments will be complemented by a series of regulatory reforms designed to remove some of the obstacles to deploying these stations, boost the impact of these investments, and make Slovakia more ready for the coming era of electrification. These initiatives were all proposed as part of Slovakia’s 6.3 billion euros Recovery and Resilience Plan, which was approved by the European Commission in July 2021.

“Taken together, these initiatives represent a substantial, strategic set of investments into public charging infrastructure in Slovakia in locations and sectors where they will have a big impact on the e-mobility transition,” explained Patrik Krizansky, Director of SEVA.

Slovakia is allocating 30 million euros to a new program to develop a National Network of Ultrafast Charging Infrastructure along motorways and expressways. The program will establish more than 60 charging hubs with 230 points, locations with 4-6 ultra-fast charging stations of at least 150 kW, and at least a 1 MW connection to each hub. This will ensure they can handle multiple, high-power rapid charging sessions and grow to accommodate even more.

A complementary program will be the 10 million euros grant program for charging hubs in municipalities. Under this program, municipalities with populations over 7 000 people (over 100 cities in Slovakia) can apply to the State to fund applications they prepare for charging infrastructure deployments. This municipal funding scheme will seek to deploy primarily AC charging points ≥11 kW, with some number of DC ≥50 kW eligible as well, to provide a range of charging options for different types of users. The program will be announced in December, and municipalities are beginning to work on their applications now. This program will significantly complement the more that 1 300 public charging points available in Slovakia today.

The final element of the Slovak E-mobility Action Plan is the grant program for companies. Under this € 6+ mil program, the State will provide up to 50% of the funding for companies to deploy public AC chargers ≥11kW and DC ≥50 kW charging points.

“The government is expected to also introduce new tools to boost EV market uptake, introduce regulatory changes to streamline the permitting process and remove other barriers. The Slovak EV Association (SEVA) was pleased to be able to contribute to these initiatives,” underlined Patrik Krizansky.

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