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Shell acquires LNG filling station in Hungary

Shell Hungary purchased an LNG filling station to expand its fuel portfolio. The filling station, located on the M0 motorway, is expected to be the first one of Shell’s nationwide network of LNG refuelling stations for long-haul, heavy-duty freight trucking.

Shell’s goal is to become a net zero-emission energy company by 2050, or even sooner. In addition to decarbonising its operations, Shell is also transforming its product portfolio to offer its customers cleaner, low-carbon products. As more than 90 per cent of the company’s total emissions come from fuels purchased at its filling stations, this will be a crucial element of Shell’s journey towards net-zero.

As Shell underlined, liquefied natural gas (LNG) has a significant potential to provide cleaner fuel for the transport sector and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of heavy-duty freight trucking. The total operating costs of LNG-powered trucks may also be more favourable than those of diesel trucks, giving operators not only environmental but also economic benefits.

The LNG filling station next to the M0 motorway will be operated by Shell Hungary from the second half of next year. The company’s goal is to build a network of LNG filling stations in Hungary in the coming years along key transport routes and international transport corridors, providing nationwide coverage and a safer and cleaner fuel supply to its partners.

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