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Russia announces large-scale EV infrastructure development plan

Russia plans to bring more electric vehicles (EVs) to its roads in the upcoming years and to build a market for battery-powered cars. According to the government’s electric transport development program the production of EVs should reach 10 per cent of all cars produced by end of this decade.

The cost of the ambitious program is estimated at 8 billion US dollars (6.7 billion euros). Most of the funds would be dedicated to developing charging infrastructure, with some of the funds earmarked for developing alternate EV and hydrogen fuel-cell technologies.

Currently, Russia has only around 11,000 functioning EVs, mostly buses used for public transport in Moscow and other cities. EVs account for less than 0.2 per cent of the nation’s total passenger-car fleet. In the first stage of the strategy, from 2021 up until 2024, Russia aims to have at least 25,000 EVs on its roads.

To encourage EV adoption, the government will offer buyers incentives, including loans and easy leasing terms for battery-powered cars. The plan also calls for issuing low-interest loans to both global and domestic producers of low-carbon-emission transportation.

The strategy envisages the construction of as many as 9,400 charging stations in the 2022-24 timeframe, including 6,500 slow charging stations and 2,900 fast-charging stations. By 2030, 73,000 charging stations should be built according to the concept, these will comprise 44,000 slow charging stations and 29,000 fast-charging stations.

The electric transport development program approved today implies that Russia will start to build hydrogen refuelling stations for vehicles in 2025 and will build 1,000 stations by the end of 2030.

“The most important area of work is to support the production of electric vehicles and stimulate demand for them,” Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Monday commenting on the strategy.

He added that EVs will be included in concessional lending and leasing programs, and from next year there are plans to launch an experiment on the free passage of electric vehicles on toll roads.

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