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Porsche to build facilities for its electromobility future in the Czech Republic with the assistance of ČEZ ESCO

The branch network of the automobile manufacturer Porsche in the Czech Republic will build facilities for its electromobility future with the assistance of ČEZ ESCO, a member of the Czech utility group ČEZ. The contract includes the construction and servicing of charging infrastructure at all Porsche branches. The first was the Porsche dealership at Prague – Prosek, where Turbo charging stands run with the backing of a special battery store with a capacity of 320 kilowatts (kW).

In order for the stations to be able to guarantee drivers of Porsche electric cars charging to full capacity, at any time and put the power that’s good for driving 100 kilometres in a Porsche Taycan model in 4 minutes, they are supported by a special Porsche Turbo Charger DC Box battery with a capacity of 20 kW. Its installation and commissioning are the work of ČEZ ESCO, which will also take care of its servicing and maintenance. The battery box that continuously stores power supplied from the network consists of 40 battery modules and is able to supply 140 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power to stands in one go. Such a volume of power would cover the consumption of one Czech household for 15 days.

“The Porsche brand applies principles of sustainable development and a responsible approach to the environment worldwide,” said Jan Sedláček, Executive Director of Porsche for the Czech Republic. “Support and development of electromobility is a logical step towards the achievement of those goals.  At the initial stage at Prague – Prosek, we are investing around 6 million crowns [approximately 235,000 euro] in the construction of the requisite infrastructure at our Porsche dealerships in the Czech Republic. With the system installed at Prosek, we want to show that with a suitable combination of stands and battery system, we are able to significantly reduce the charging time for electric vehicles.”

“We consider being able to prepare a turn-key solution for the electromobility future of a customer as discerning as Porsche to be a great testament to our abilities,” added Kamil Čermák, CEO ČEZ ESCO. “Customised solutions for other Porsche dealerships are at an advanced stage. We are talking not only about facilities for charging electric cars, but complete power management and reduction of the energy performance of buildings.”

More than 6,000 electric cars are currently registered in the Czech Republic with a record 3,306 electric cars registered last year alone. The ČEZ Group operates the most extensive network of public charging stations for electric cars in the Czech Republic, currently comprising 300 stands.

Photo: Porsche website.

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