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Petrol opens two new points of sales on Ljubljana Ring Road

Slovenian energy company, Petrol has opened the Barje North and Barje South points of sale on Ljubljana’s southern ring road offering a wide range of products and services, conventional and alternative fuels.

“The Barje North and Barje South points of sale reflect our commitment to modernity and innovation. They are a symbol of our ambition to become the leading provider of energy solutions in the region. Not only do they offer a great user experience, but they are also an example of Petrol’s vision to become an integrated partner in the energy transition,” said Sašo Berger, the president of the management board of Petrol at the opening of the points of sale. “As examples of state-of-the-art points of sale in this part of Europe, these two facilities are a manifestation of our competitiveness and innovation. We are proud that these steps are not only keeping up with global trends but actively contributing to them. The Barje points of sale are an example of what we want the entire Petrol network to look like in the future, with more than 300 points of sale in Slovenia and almost 300 more in the Southeast Europe region.”

In the immediate vicinity of the charging park, there is space to accommodate new energy sources such as LNG and hydrogen, and space for high-performance battery storage. Drivers of electric vehicles are provided with a special area, a charging park with three ultra-fast charging stations. The energy required to power e-vehicles will come entirely from solar panels installed on the roof of the point of sale. CNG (compressed natural gas) refuelling is expected to be available from the end of January, informed the company.

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