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Moldovan Informbusiness produces its first electric bus

Moldovan transport company Informbusiness has completed the production of its first electric bus, making it the first electric bus domestically manufactured in Moldova (22 August).

The bus has a range of up to 70 kilometres and can be charged by the trolleybus network and special charging stations.

Attending an official presentation, held in the central Criuleni district near Chişinău, Moldovan Economic Development and Digitalisation Minister Dumitru Alaiba said that the government is looking to further support the producers who develop diverse branches of the economy. “Due to your effort, the automotive industry gets a new breath and Moldova becomes a machine-producing country. Your success is the success of the entire country,” he said.  

Energy Minister Victor Parlicov stressed that about 35 per cent of all energy from Moldova is consumed by transport and the simplest way of decarbonising this sector is its electrification. “We become a country which does not only consume but also generates advanced technologies. At the same time, we give our young people a perspective of integration in modern sectors, earlier inexistent in our country,” Minister Parlicov said.

This year, Informbusiness plans to deliver the first fleet of 25 electric buses for the Balti municipality, the country’s second biggest city after Chişinău in the south.   

The company has plans to export the electric buses to Ukraine and Romania. In the long term, the company also aims to build an assembly plant for the electric buses in the Chisinau municipality.

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