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Ministry of Energy and Lithuanian Railways sign a cooperation agreement on energy savings

Lithuania’s Ministry of Energy and the largest railway group in the Baltic States, Lithuanian Railways (LTG) have signed a cooperation agreement on energy savings.

Lithuanian Railways plans to save 1.3 terawatt-hours (TWh) of end-use energy by the end of 2030. This agreement is part of the measures provided for in the Law on Energy Efficiency, which aim to save at least 27 TWh of end-use energy over the coming decade.

“The agreements establish a clear commitment for companies to continue on the path to sustainable and smart energy for a decade,” said Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys.

The Ministry of Energy signed the first of such agreements with energy undertakings back in 2017 and agreements have already been concluded with the largest groups of energy undertakings, Ignitis Group and EPSO-G, as well as with the largest heat supplier in Lithuania, Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai. It is estimated that since 2017, companies have already contributed approximately 1.8 TWh of end-use energy savings through energy-saving measures.

In order to save energy, the LTG Group has committed to modernising equipment, electrifying rolling stock, optimising real estate, modernising buildings and boiler houses and upgrading the vehicle fleet. All of the group’s main companies – infrastructure manager LTG Infra, freight company LTG Cargo and rail passenger operator LTG Link – will contribute to these savings.

“Today, railways are already the most environmentally friendly way for people to travel and to transport business cargo,” added LTG CEO Mantas Bartuška. “We feel a commitment to future generations, so we are constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently and reduce our ecological footprint. The efficiency improvement initiatives and the electrification programme currently being implemented by LTG will help to achieve targets that are important for the entire country and region.”

The Vilnius-Klaipėda railway electrification project which is currently underway will result in the greatest leap in energy efficiency. LTG Infra, which is implementing the project, aims to connect the capital and the port city by 2024 with an electrified line for zero-emission and highly efficient electric trains. The group companies LTG Cargo and LTG Link have already announced procurements for the purchase of electric freight and passenger rolling stock, respectively.

Photo: AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai.

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