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Latvijas Gāze believes in biomethane as the energy of the future

Latvia’s natural gas company Latvijas Gāze, together with its cooperation partners, plans to produce biomethane and transfer it to the natural gas network within the next five years. However, the implementation of these plans requires the elimination of legal and technical uncertainties so that the biomethane production project can be put into operation.

Indeed, Latvia has all the preconditions for the development of biomethane as the construction of biogas plants began in the 1990s to process agricultural waste and biomass. For biogas to be used for the production of biofuels or fed into the natural gas network, a number of conditions have to be met, mainly related to the purification of biogas to the appropriate quality as the energy content of biogas is much lower than the energy content of biomethane, which is achieved by improving the quality of biogas for use as a biofuel.

Latvijas Gāze believes that the use of biomethane in transport is closely linked to the development of natural gas filling infrastructure, as well as the increase in the number of CNG cars. It is the next step towards climate neutrality and environmentally friendly energy.

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