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In Estonia, new fast chargers allow you to charge your electric car anywhere

Within a year, Enefit Volt, Estonia’s largest public fast-charging network for electric cars, opened fast-charging stations suitable for all electric cars in 11 counties that previously lacked such facilities. Depending on the car, the new fast chargers allow you to charge the amount of energy required to drive 100 kilometres in up to 25 minutes.

According to Kert Pääbo, the business manager of Enefit Volt, a fast-charging network that covers Estonia as a whole and is suitable for all electric cars is vital for the breakthrough of clean transport because it assures those driving electric vehicles that a fast charger is within their driving range.

“Interest in electric cars is constantly increasing and we are very close to the moment where the ownership costs of a car with an internal combustion engine and an electric car will equalise and the real breakthrough of clean transport begins,” he said. “The duty of Enefit Volt is to assure people that smart, affordable and suitable charging stations for all electric cars can be available at home, at work or on the road. Even more new and universal public chargers will be opened this year and as the capability and number of electric cars continues to grow, future charger speeds will increase even further.”

In total, 30 new chargers were added in 2021 to the public charging network of Enefit Volt, three of which are ultra-fast (over 150 kilowatts, kW), 20 are fast (up to 50 kW) and seven are semi-fast (up to 22 kW). Enefit Volt’s network now has 194 public chargers in total, 178 of them fast or ultra-fast chargers.

“A public fast-charging network is an important and the most visible part of a charging infrastructure, but alongside that, Enefit Volt is actively developing smart options to charge electric cars in private residences and apartment buildings and supports employers in developing charging options for their employees and clients,” stated Mr Pääbo. “The most reasonable and affordable place to charge electric cars is where they are parked, for example, the car park at home or work. Over the last year, interest in charging options has increased on all fronts and I believe that it will gain true momentum this year.”

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