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Greece ready to adopt a national electromobility plan

Greece is preparing a national electromobility plan to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and promote a greener economy in the country.

The plan, available for public consultation until 16 June, looks at three main directions: first the development of the national charging infrastructure; second, the electrification of the existing fleet of vehicles; third, the development of a whole new landscape around it, to provide solutions to the new challenges that electrification will bring.

According to the Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas the Plan is the culmination of policies and regulations implemented in the past 4 years with the goal to achieve a zero-emission transport sector.

“E-mobility is one of the most essential components to achieve climate neutrality and it is therefore important to continue to support this transition with appropriate measures and policies,” he said.

Thus, incentives and subsidies will continue to be available to develop the update of electric vehicles and the support of renewable projects combined with charging stations. Municipalities will continue transforming public vehicles such as buses and strengthening the local electrical grid. The government also aims to create low-emission zones in city centres of various cities and islands. A specific focus will be on accessible charging infrastructure with clear milestones defined for 2025, 2030 and 2035.

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