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First LNG filling station in Slovakia put into operation

The Slovak Minister of Economy Karel Hirman opened the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station in Trnava, together with the CEO of the country’s energy supplier SPP, Miroslav Kull.

The station is part of a larger project that includes two more LNG filling stations located along the main corridors of the Slovakian TEN-T network. The project makes a significant contribution to the transport sector and brings an important alternative to traditional conventional fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“The goals and commitments of the UN and the European Union, including Slovakia, in the field of climate change and environmental protection fundamentally influence the direction of the European and Slovak energy industry,” emphasised the Minister. “In the short term, it is, therefore, possible to achieve a significant boost in reducing ​​greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality with the help of gas. Especially when it comes to the replacement of more polluting energy sources in the production of electricity or heat.”

At the new station, it will also be possible to refuel vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG), therefore the customers served will not only be heavy-duty vehicles but also busses and passenger cars.

In addition to the filling station in Trnava, the other two stations planned will be put into operation this year.

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