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ELES: mass acceptance and expansion of charging infrastructure among the challenges of e-mobility

A better user acceptance and faster development of e-vehicles is one of the critical challenges of today’s automotive industry, according to Uroš Salobir, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department at Slovenia’s electricity Transmission System Operator (TSO), ELES and Vice-Chairman of the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association for the 2Zero partnership (EGVIAfor2Zero).

In this regard, he stressed that the charging infrastructure must expand in line with the growth of e-vehicle sales.

“It is crucial for the mass acceptance of e-mobility among users that the charging infrastructure is available to them where and when they need it and that charging duration needs to adapt to their needs,” he said during the round table of the French Automotive & Mobility Network (FAMN), which brought together more than 1,450 members.

EGVIAfor2zero expects that the new digital solutions will improve charging planning and contribute to timely display charging prices, giving the customer an accurate and real-time perception of the final cost of the service.

“Suppose we want a sustainable and cost-effective transition to mass e-mobility without overloading the electricity grid,” read the company’s statement. “In that case, we need to gradually introduce smart charging and “vehicle to grid” solutions (V2G). It will also be necessary to establish fast high power charging infrastructure to pave the way to the increased penetration of passenger BEVs and electric MHDV on highways, at logistical terminals and hubs, depot or truck stop locations.”

EGVIAfor2zero will therefore continue to introduce a systems approach to optimise smart EV charging and the flexibility provided by the V2G concept, launched in 2021. A work plan for 2023-2024 focuses on static smart slow charging, finding solutions for peak charging periods and high power charging system technology.

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