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Electromobility in CEE: can the region maintain its competitive edge? Our e-book is finally out!

Over the past years, we have witnessed exponential growth in the battery industry, driven especially by the increase in electric car sales, which reached over 10 million globally in 2022.

But when we talk about the revolution of the transport sector we do not only refer to EV sales but the whole value chain like batteries and the regulatory framework around it, as we have seen with the EU Battery Regulation that came into force this summer. Hungary, and neighbouring countries in CEE, have a huge potential in this regard, thanks to a number of investments that have materialised in the past years. And especially now it is important to maintain a competitive edge, particularly in front of new policies from abroad, like the US Inflation Reduction Act.

Our second e-book about the electromobility sector in CEE is finally out!

We had a look at how the new developing regulatory framework is affecting players in the region, with exclusive interviews with Chinese battery manufacturer CATL and with the Hungarian Battery Association. You will also find insights from the major EV associations from the region and beyond and global and European perspectives provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the European Association for Electromobility, AVERE.

Challenges remain, that’s why we also took an in-depth look at the circularity aspect of the EU battery regulation, as recycling batteries and coming across raw materials is indeed one of the main obstacles, not just in CEE but worldwide.

Download our latest e-book and find out how the new pieces of legislation are affecting the industry and how the automotive sector in CEE is turning into a sustainable and greener industry.

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