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E.ON teams up with alpitronic to install 2,000 new ultra-fast charging stations

E.ON is investing in thousands of new, ultra-fast charging points across Europe in the coming years. To install 2,000 of these charging stations by the end of 2024, E.ON has now teamed up with leading charging station manufacturer alpitronic.

“Electromobility is a key factor in advancing the energy transition and saving CO2 emissions,” said Patrick Lammers, E.ON Management Board member responsible for the customer solutions business. “To ensure that even more people switch to electric driving in the future, charging must work as quickly and conveniently as possible. At E.ON, we’re therefore determined on pushing the expansion of infrastructure throughout Europe and fostering new and innovative technologies for smart charging.”

“The close exchange with our partners along the value chain for charging infrastructure is essential to offer customer-oriented charging solutions,” added Philipp Senoner, CEO and co-founder of alpitronic. “At alpitronic, this allows us to provide reliable and future-oriented charging stations and thus increase the acceptance of electromobility.”

The market for electromobility continues to grow rapidly. By 2030, at least 15 million electric vehicles are expected to be registered in Germany. The resulting increase in energy demand requires the expansion and efficient management of the charging infrastructure. The 2,000 new fast-charging stations will complement the existing charging network of E.ON and its business customers. E.ON Drive customers can already conveniently charge their e-cars at around 160,000 public charging points in Germany and other European countries. By 2026, E.ON plans to install a total of around 5,000 new fast-charging points.

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