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CROSS-E project launched to realise high-powered EV charging points along key European routes

Allego, Petrol Group, GreenWay and Emobility Solutions have launched the CROSS-E project to enable a path towards future zero-emission travel through the realisation of high-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging points along key routes and ports across Europe.

The four companies will install 911 high-powered charging points (150 kilowatts and 350 kW) at 239 locations tailored to both light and heavy-duty electric vehicles (LDV & HDV). The project has been selected to implement 130 million euros in investments in high-power charging infrastructure with a total grant of 34.45 million euros from the European Union and is scheduled to be finalised by October 2026.

“With this large-scale ambitious project, the European Union is supporting an important new phase to decarbonise mobility in Europe, in particular through the deployment of an electric recharging infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles, right at the moment the first electric trucks are delivered on the market,” said Richard Ferrer, European Commission, Head of the Alternative Fuels Sector at CINEA, the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency. “Together with the 4 involved private frontrunners, we stay fully committed to achieving Green Deal objectives for the benefit of EU citizens and economic operators.”

The primary goals of CROSS-E include, first of all, strengthening cross-border connectivity between Cohesion countries and Western Europe; second, establishing initial corridors for electric trucks along key logistics routes; and finally, reducing wait times at locations projected to experience high seasonal utilisation.

Photo source: GreenWay

The four entities chosen for CROSS-E will operate across eight EU Member States, mainly in the CEE region: Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Collectively, they will install 838 recharging points for LDVs (150 – 350 kW) and 73 recharging points for HDVs (350 kW).

“We believe that regional CEF projects like CROSS-E are the foundations towards a green, sustainable and reliable zero emission road transportation,” commented Janos Ungar, Chief Executive Officer of Hungary’s Emobility Solutions. “Emobility Solutions has a decade of experience in European electric mobility infrastructure development and it is an honour being able to represent Hungary in this cooperation, as we know that still a lot of work must be done to increase the number of high-power chargers along the highways while maximising the utilisation of the renewable energy. With the CROSS-E project, our aim is to showcase best practices for developing high-power charging HUBs in a smart way, with minimum dependence on the grid by utilizing local PV production and energy storage solutions.”

“We are very pleased to be a member of the CROSS-E consortium and continue to deploy high-powered charging infrastructure and high-quality recharging services for Europe’s EV drivers, across Poland, Slovakia and especially in our newest market, Croatia,” added Peter Badík, Chief Executive Officer of Slovakia’s GreenWay. “This infrastructure and these services, are particularly needed in Croatia and under this project GreenWay will be deploying at least 16 ultra-fast charging hubs equipped with at least 64 ultra-fast chargers, all fully integrated into the GW public recharging network and designed to support smooth, reliable, well-supported travel for EV drivers.”

CROSS-E installations will adhere strictly to the European Commission’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), guaranteeing open access to the recharging infrastructure. All locations will be accessible to the public 24/7 and will support roaming and open-access payment methods including NFC, credit cards and app-based payments. The deployment of charging points for specifically Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) in selected markets will also offer valuable insights ahead of broader installations across all project partners and countries.

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