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CEE embracing the shift to zero-emission mobility

Few areas in the clean energy world are as dynamic as the Electric Vehicles (EVs) market. According to the EV Outlook for 2022 released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), sales of EVs doubled in 2021 from the previous year to a new record of 6.6 million. In comparison, let’s think about 2012 when just 120,000 electric cars were sold worldwide. Nowadays, more than that is sold in a single week.

Today in particular, in light of geopolitical turmoils and record-high energy prices, electrifying transport is crucial. Indeed, one of the measures proposed globally to reduce dependence on Russian energy sources is to scale up the usage of EVs, which in turn can reduce oil demand.

So, why are we witnessing this current boom? On one hand, people’s mindset is changing and more citizens are realising that to live in safer and cleaner cities, they have to be part of the solution. On the other hand, public spending and government incentives have increased. With a huge presence of automotive manufacturers, Central and Eastern Europe is also participating in this industry revolution, as data clearly shows. The region’s automotive and electromobility associations report very positive numbers.

However, electric vehicles will not have a long drive if the needed infrastructure is lacking – if the raw materials needed for the battery production become too expensive – or if cooperation and coordination are non-existent. Especially in a region like CEE where disparities are still present. Numerous initiatives were born over the past months to bring the development of zero-emission transport in Central and Eastern Europe up to speed with more advanced markets.

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