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Towards a competitive and robust electricity market: ATHEXGroup, EnEXGroup and ALPEX sign agreement

In December last year, the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEXGroup) and the Hellenic Energy Exchange (EnExGroup) have been awarded jointly, in the context of a public RfP, to provide to the Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX) the Infrastructure & Services for its Operation. Now, they have signed the agreement and signalled the official commencement of the project.

“The effort that started a few years ago by ATHEX Group to provide its experience and infrastructure to other Energy Market Operators […] takes its next step with the cooperation of ATHEXGroup and EnExGroup with ALPEX, to contribute to a broader coupling and cooperation in the region under European standards,” said Socrates Lazaridis, ATHEXGroup CEO.

In the upcoming months, the parties will cooperate closely for implementing this multifaceted project which involves knowledge transfer and consulting, the provision of a new trading platform for ALPEX’s Day-Ahead and Intraday Markets, the required clearing services and support for its further development plans on market coupling with Albanian neighbours and primarily its integration in the EU power markets.

“Today an important milestone was achieved towards the evolution of ALPEX,” added Sokol Dishnica, ALPEX CEO. “We are happy to have Hellenic Exchanges-Athens Stock Exchange, Hellenic Energy Exchange and EnΕx Clearing House as our partners in establishing an effective platform that will be efficiently operated and will enable the realisation of a competitive and robust electricity market in the region. We are proud and satisfied for the conclusion of this first step in our quest for integration in the European target model.”

ATHEX’s current involvement is emphasising its strategic commitment to enlarge the envisaged Regional Cooperation, both in financial and energy markets, leveraging its recent endeavours in the Balkans and Southeast Europe, aiming to increase the collective liquidity pool and the broader regional network.

After successfully setting up its Day-Ahead and Intraday Power Markets and coupling with the Italian and Bulgarian Borders, EnEX is emphasising on building solid regional relationships, extending the DayAhead and Intraday Markets integration via standard trading and clearing procedures which enhance the regional energy markets for the benefit of market participants.

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