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Launch of flow-based market coupling enhances energy transition for 13 countries

The 16 Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the Core Capacity Calculation Region (Core CCR), together with 10 Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs), introduced the Core FlowBased Day-ahead Market Coupling.

Having a harmonised capacity calculation methodology in place in the Core CCR makes the European electricity system more efficient and robust. This harmonisation thereby improves the capacity allocation in the Core CCR and enables the European power grid to transport more electricity across borders leading to a lower overall cost. Furthermore, it allows for improved cooperation between all involved parties. Finally, market participants will also benefit from further improved transparency of all capacity-related data.

The participants include also CEE TSOs, like the Czech ČEPS, the Croatian one, Slovenia’s ELES, the Hungarian MAVIR, Romania’s Transelectrica, Poland’s PSE and Slovakia’s SEPS. And, among the NEMOs, the Croatian Power Exchange, Hungary’s HUPX, Romania’s OPCOM and the Polish TGE. Overall, the Core comprises 13 countries with a total population of 278 million and estimated annual electricity use of 1,500 terawatt-hours (TWh).

The new Flow-Based Market Coupling Mechanism is another landmark step in the energy transition. It enhances the European grid’s ability to manage fluctuations in the supply of wind, solar and other renewable energy, thereby contributing to sustainable value for society. Additionally, also market coupling is implemented between Croatia and Hungary and Slovenia and Hungary all contributing to a more complete and well-functioning European market coupling.

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