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Georgia to issue Guarantees of Origin in 2023

The Georgian State Electrosystem became the first issuing body of the Energy Community’s Contracting Parties to sign an agreement with the energy certificate registry provider, Grexel on the go-live of the national electronic registry for guarantees of origin for energy from renewable sources.

Guarantees of origin enable consumers to choose the origin of their energy. They are also key for enabling corporate Power Purchase Agreements.

“I would like to congratulate Georgia for being the first Contracting Party to sign an agreement with the service provider Grexel and encourage others to follow its example,” said the Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Artur Lorkowski. “In particular, in times of crisis, we need to utilise all available mechanisms to boost renewables.”

Under the regional project implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat from January to July 2022, electronic registries for guarantees of origin have been created for Albania, two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine. All nine registries are ready to go live following the signing of direct agreements between the Contracting Parties’ issuing bodies and the service provider, Grexel. After two or more Contracting Parties sign an agreement, they will be able to trade guarantees of origin through the regional system established by the service provider.

“We would like to thank the Energy Community Secretariat for their outstanding support to get the electronic registry for guarantees of origin up and running, as well as the whole team at Grexel,” added the Member of the Board of Directors of Georgian State Electrosystem, Zviad Gachechiladze. “We are looking forward to starting issuing guarantees of origin in line with EU standards and, hopefully soon, trading guarantees of origin with other Contracting Parties and EU Member States.”

The Energy Community “expects” to see more contracts signed by the deadline in June 2023. The service provider will keep the national registries and all configurations on stand-by until this date.

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