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Georgia: certificates of origin of electricity will become mandatory from 2023

Georgian State Electrosystem will start issuing certificates of origin for electricity from renewable sources from 2023.

The certificate will be an electronic document and provide customers with complete information about the share and amount of energy produced from renewable sources in Georgia.

Obtaining a certificate of origin of electricity will become mandatory for all renewable energy producers.

In order to create the management model which meets the requirements of the EU legislation, this novelty will be implemented in cooperation with the experts of the Energy Community and state entities such as the Ministry of Economy of Georgia, the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission and the Georgian State Electrosystem.

The Energy Community will also finance the creation of the electronic registry and assist the Georgian State Electrosystem in building the required skills and capabilities to roll out the product.

“The registry will enable the Georgian electricity generation sector to keep an accurate record of produced renewable energy which is one of the preconditions for the activation of various means of support”, reads the statement of the Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE).

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